THREE TOTS - Cork Leather Dragon Wand


Three Tots new eco friendly, vegan cork leather dragon wands are super soft, light weight and a uniquely designed children's play wings on the market.

Cork leather is a mothers dream when it comes to play time / dress up wings.

It is 100% natural made from the bark of cork oaks, durable, lightweight , nontoxic, water resistant and most importantly hypoallergenic!


Cork leather does not absorb dust and can be wiped clean with soap and water.

Each dragon wing is delicately embroidered and uniquely different with its honeycomb cell structure and rustic earthy tone, making kids play even closer to nature.


For more nature play, pair with our matching cork leather dragon wings.


Sustainably sourced Cork Leather

Silk ribbon Wooden Stick Size 29cm x 10cm

Recommended age is 2 years +

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