Mama's Tribe Post-Partum Aid Tea

by Mama's Tribe

These herbs were specifically selected, as they have been traditionally known to aid with the uterine tone, be analgesic/anti-inflammatory, antihaemorrhagic (help modulate bleeding)antioxidant, help to adapt to stressful situations and changes, improve the tone of the stomach and enhance functioning, nutritive, stimulate circulation, support the production of breast milk, uplifting, counteracting depression.

All these aspects contribute to the mom's well-being including her mental health through the postpartum and motherhood potential challenges.

Drink it warm or cold.

INGREDIENTS: Oatstraw**, Raspberry leaf*, Nettle leaf*, Fennel seeds*, Ginger* *Organic Herbs

*NZ Made From Local And Imported Ingredients

DISCLAIMER: Use as directed. Do not use if there is a known allergy to any of the ingredients. **It may contain traces of gluten. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Safe while breastfeeding. Not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy. Consult your healthcare provider regarding your specific circumstances. Results may vary for each woman. 

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