FRIGG Fairytale is a pacifier inspired by the work of the Danish author H. C. Andersen. He is best known for his fantastic fairytales, but his creative mind did not only show through his words; it also showed through his magical paper cuttings. 

The pacifier with scalloped edges and hearts surrounding the shield mimic one specific paper cutting by H. C. Andersen. The 8 little hearts support the universality of his creative work, and they symbolize love, the universal language of the world. This is the inspiration that lies within the FRIGG Fairytale pacifiers: They are approachable for everyone because love is a language, everyone can speak and understand.

Each FRIGG Fairytale pacifier colour is named by his well-known fairytales, which give the pacifiers a touch of imagination. 

The Story

The Ugly Duckling is a story about the troubles and sufferings of a young swan that got hatched from an egg in a duck's nest. He was marked as different when all of his troubles started. He was humiliated and abused in many ways which ended up with him not trusting himself. He thought that he was worthless and he left the ducks.

 FRIGG pacifier details

100% designed in Denmark
100% manufactured in Denmark
For safety reasons each FRIGG pacifier undergoes a diverse range of tests that stimulate the stress a pacifier gets exposed to
With the Click-lock™ system (patent pending)
With the SilkySoft™ nipple
Shield material: Polypropylene (PP)
Safety Standard: EN1400 + A2 test
 FRIGG silicone size 1 details

 Nipple material: Medical grade silicone
Nipple measure: 27 mm
Recommended age: 0-6 months
 FRIGG silicone size 2 details

Nipple material: Medical grade silicone
Nipple measure: 30 mm
Recommended age: 6-18 months

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