by Fabelab

Drinking becomes fun and better with our ‘Sippy Cup’ produced in 100% organic PLA. The sippy cup comes in a beautiful box. 

PLA - Biobased Plastic is our new favourite material. PLA is made from renewable fibers extracted from crops like corn, wheat, and sweet potatoes. It performs much like traditional plastic, but with the crucial benefit of being 100% compostable in commercial compost facilities. At Fabelab, we love the material because it is versatile, compostable, and the best of all, not preleum derived. Material: Biobased PLA from Wheat, Corn or Sugar cane. Silicone sealed ring

Food Safe- EU Standard

Brand: Fabelab
Style no. 2006238985
Quality: 100% wheat with Corn of Sugar Cane
Dimensions: D:8 x H9.6 cm
Washing instructions: Dishwasher safe, No Oven, Not Freezer safe, Do not Microwave

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