We've let the girls in!

If you're reading this, chances are you're one of our valued customers from The Boy's Store, wondering about the transition from The Boy's Store to The Kid's Store.

When we started The Boy's Store some 18 months ago, we started it because not only I found (as a Mama of 2) that it was hard to find cool boy's stuff all in one place, but also I was so sick of every other store I'd normally see being jammed full of girls gear and boy's kind of seemed like an after thought, shoved in the corner like the naughty kid!

After launching The Boy's Store, the response from other Mama's about something that was dedicated only to boy's was fantastic and told me I wasn't alone in my thinking!

So fast forward 18 months and I'm sure some people might now be asking why we've transitioned to The Kid's Store?  Well late last year we moved our little family down to the sunny BOP and purchased and kid's store at the Mount called Cherish Child.  It was never our intention when purchasing it to make it boy's only, as it's a one of a kind store down here when it comes to stocking the brands it stocks.  However we did need to find a way to bring both brands together, hence The Kid's Store was brought to life.


The great news if you are a previous customer of The Boy's Store is that we still have a huge section dedicated to boy's only - the store is definitely 50/50 boys vs girls and will always be that way.  The other great news, is that we've also brought on a heap of new brands for the boy's including Minti, Littlehorn, Bobux, Nature Baby, Pretty Brave and a whole load of others which you can check out online!  And of course if you are one of our customers that is located in the Bay of Plenty you can now shop instore with us (and if you need to pick up something for your that pesky little sister at the same time you can do so!).

So other than that, it's business as usual around here, just with some pink and frills thrown in now as well!  Take a look around our new site and of course, if you have any feedback or comments, please share! 

Andrea x

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